Spa Party FAQ

How many people can attend a spa party?

A typical spa party has 3-10 in attendance.

Do I have to pay for the enitre party or do I split it between the ones who attend?

No. Typically, payments are made by each person attending prior to the spa party so that even if one of your attendees doesn’t show, you are not stuck with the bill. Pricing is divided per person, but if you choose to pay for everyone yourself, you can.

Is it ok if I serve food?

Absolutely! If you choose to serve finger foods to your guests or have them bring a dish, we can work around the eating schedule. Keep in mind that each service for each person is timed depending on the number of guests, so we may have to start services with some guests while other guests are eating and rotate stations accordingly.

How long does a spa party last?

An average spa party is 2 1/2 – 3 hours long, again, depending on the number in attendance. Office parties and birthday/wedding parties can last all day.